Friday, February 9, 2018

Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo Goes Into Music

The latest actress to go into music is Uche Ogbodo. And Uche is so ready to slug it out with female music acts! First, she already got the body right (see full pic below)and she's doing everything with her producers to get the voice right too. Uche spent last night in the studio returning home early this morning. She says she really can't wait for her fans to listen to her song, and we must say we can't wait too. Oh yea? Song? hehehe we are waiting! The only person we actually wished continued with her music career was Genevieve Nnaji but she shied away. How many people still remembers,

'Make you commot for my face before I give you my fist (2x)
Go Away (4x)
Just move, move, move, before I give you my fist
I say move, move, move before I give you my fist'

Buyakaaaaaaaaaaaa lol. Who still remembers that line from her song? We also wish Uche all the best!