Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Owerri Drama! Boyfriend, Wife Beat Husband Up, As He Spots Them At Hotel

There was a mild drama in Owerri, Imo State, on Monday when a man reportedly sighted his wife coming out of a brothel with an alleged boyfriend, identified simply as Okey.

A witness told a Punch correspondent that a fight broke out between the couple when the man alighted from the car and queried the wife.

Sex workers at the brothel were said to have booed the man while the fight lasted. They reportedly held him as Okey and the wife allegedly beat him up.

Okey was reported to have broken the man’s head with a club.

The fight reportedly ended after the owner of the brothel intervened.

Punch Metro learnt that the brothel is on Amaigbo Street, Owerri, adjacent to an electricity distribution company.

The wife was also said to have told the public that she regretted marrying her husband, whom she called Jerry.

A Punch correspondent learnt that the woman, a mother of three and in her early 30’s, had had a disagreement with the husband on Sunday before fleeing the house.

“Blood was gushing out of the man’s head due to the injuries he sustained. He was later treated in a nearby chemist’s,” a source said. Hmmm


  1. It is a serious something. The world has changed

  2. The woman must have been tired of the marriage

  3. I beg let the husband watch war room and forgive his wife. There is nothing God cannot do. He can touch her heart and make her change. It is well