Friday, February 9, 2018

Saudi Father ‘Irons Son’s Genitals As Punishment For Getting Sexually Assaulted’

A Saudi Arabian father ironed his son’s genitals after he told him he had been sexually assaulted, a psychologist has claimed. According to local media, the Saudi psychologist was approached by the father after he had ‘punished’ his son.

Dr Hussain Al Shamarani revealed how the father was looking for help and that he genuinely believed he had done the right thing.

The psychologist claimed the man put a hot iron on his son’s genitals after he told him that a group of teenagers sexually abused him. Dr Al Shamarani then shared the tragic case online to show how sex abuse victims in the country are being treated.

‘This man came to ask for my advice, not knowing that his action had already done more damage to the child’s health and mental well-being,’ he said.

‘There are so many similar cases, where parents resort to punishing a child after an assault or simply choose not to come forward to get them help they truly need in the wake of such incidents.’

Soon after the psychologist tweeted the case, people condemned the father’s actions.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Ignorance is catastrophic. This father knows he won’t be punished for his actions. This is why similar incidents will always recur.’

Another added: ‘Some people are not fit for parenthood.’

‘This is how their brains are programmed, to blame the victim for being harassed,’ another said.

Some called for the authorities to take action and bring in hotlines to professionally deal with similar cases.