Thursday, February 8, 2018

Victoria Beckham Will Join Spice Girls Reunion For Money, Self-Esteem

Victoria Beckham went from wanting nothing to do with a Spice Girls reunion to being fully on board ... largely because she wants to step out of David Beckham's shadow and do her own thing again ... sources connected to the group tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the Spice Girls will reunite for a concert tour, probably towards the end of summer that will begin in England and migrate over to the U.S.

They are told Victoria and David Beckham often do their own thing, and she's bored with being on the sidelines.  Their sources say Victoria wants to "individualize herself" and ironically she's doing that by rejoining her group, or as she's put it, "her girls."

One of the allures is money, TMZ was told. The girls won't get paid equally, and it's pretty clear Victoria can demand more than the others. That said, as one source put it, "They are worth more as a group than they are individually, so this is a great venture for all of them."


  1. This is nice for their fans too, I don't really know their music and artistry but seems they were recognized. And it's been reported that they might be making 12 million each and besides Vicky isn't that much of a singer.

  2. Nicey. Be you. wear your own crown

  3. Doesn't she have a fashion line?