Monday, February 12, 2018

Which Of These Was Used To Train You? A,B,C Or D?

Lmao, A,B,C or D? I know some will be combination of 2 even the whole 4! Oh i just love my Naija parents... See C and D below.. lol...

And Dolapo Badmos Zone 2 PPRO also has this to say, lol.....

All except B because my dad won't allow my mum have access to his wardrobe for the purpose of beating us! My dad didn't believe you have to beat to make corrections but my mum? Haaa hmnnn heeeeee! 😢😢My mum that will beat you and you ask "what have I done " and she will respond because you will still do something.🤣🙃.Kai A,C,D and more that is not on the list were my mum's corrective weapons. I love you mum, all those shaped us positively. #iyateacher #madamdiscipline #Teacherperexcellence.


  1. A, b, c and d plus omorogun lol

  2. My mama the 4 plus many more like koboko, Omo orogue, back hand, pinching, atii be belo........

  3. My grandma trainned me. She used all excluding the belt lol

  4. D was the go to in our house