Friday, February 9, 2018

Woman 'Aborts' Triplets, Dumps Them At Bin Site [Very Graphic Photos]

This is very sad. Women looking for fruits of the womb might actually cry seeing this. A woman has aborted her set of triplet and dumped them at a dump site after carrying out the ungodly act. A close look at the photos of the babies looks like she gave birth to them (but very tiny) and then dumped them. But someone here says, no it's an abortion, that the children could be pushed out. I really don't know, but the only fact here is that, she DUMPED them and they are DEAD. Nothing is more evil.

See people, let me give this advice, okay.... you have had sex right? And pregnant? Keep it, give birth to the baby/babies and give them up at an orphanage home. You see, by so doing, you don't ever lose, they get to help you take care of your child without you adding a penny. After some years you can come back for the baby! Good deal? Yes a very good one. For now if you live in Lagos or Ibadan and want to put up your baby for adoption, or you found a dumped baby, I can HELP out... Send a mail to, and we will connect you to an orphanage home. IT'S TOTALLY FREE. Ours is under construction, and truth is, we really can't wait to launch out! The very heartbreaking photos below...


  1. And someone somewhere is prayig to have just one

  2. Women, the most deceptive and wicked creatures. So quick to come out to cry weaker sex but deadly enough to kill 3 innocent children

  3. That's nice of you Ladun