Monday, March 5, 2018

HORRIFIED Villagers Open Belly Of 20ft Crocodile Only To Find Arms & Legs Of Missing Fisherman

Terror-stricken villagers cut open a killer crocodile to find the arms and legs of a mutilated fisherman.

Andi Aso Erang, 36, vanished while collecting clams in a river near his home in East Kutai, Borneo.

His worried family raised the alarm and were left devastated two days later when they found his mutilated body on the banks of the Kabuyahan River last Thursday.

Locals noticed Andi's left leg and forearms arms were missing and immediately started hunting a man-eating crocodile.

The beast was found around 30 minutes later and locals let off five rounds from a rifle into its one-metre wide body.

The 20ft long reptile was dragged ashore at around 6am and laid out on a blue tarpaulin, where villagers used a knife to slice open its belly.

Inside they found Andi's arms and left foot and both his hands. The croc's corpse was then pushed into a freshly dug grave using a large excavator digger.

Andi's devastated wife Anisa said: "I was looking for my husband with other people from the village. We found a motorcycle on the roadside and a pair of sandals.

"I had a sense that all was not well. I sensed something bad had happened when my husband did not come home. I didn't think he would be eaten by a crocodile, I didn't think would die like this."

Local officials said the crocodile was shot at least five times before it was dragged out of the water.