Love Birds Stella Damasus & Daniel Ademinokan Arrive Lovers’ Land


Love birds, Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan have landed Virginia– lovers city. Stella posted a photo of them smiling together behind the signpost. She didn’t only post the photo, she accompanied it with words, telling people to learn to love and not hate. One thing Doris was asking people back then is that, Stella that is preaching love, did she let Daniel divorce her before she snatched him? Lmao… This life eh, one should just keep quiet. Her words below oo. Hian!!!

When something bad or controversial happens in your life, trust and believe that the world Will spread and repost. Sometimes you may even feel like they are gloating over your misfortune. When something good happens in your life, people get angry. They don’t post or repost. In fact, they come and ask you not to talk about the good that God has done so that the enemy will not attack it. This is why evil and hatred spreads and lives in too many of us. We allow the bad to thrive over the good. We allow the negative to trump the positive. But in all honesty what kind of news did our creator ask us to spread? What do you want to hear about YOUR country? What do you want to hear about YOUR children? You want hear great news about YOUR ….. but you do not want to hear the same great news about others. Until we start to celebrate with others and rejoice when they rejoice, the evil and the pain the world is facing will continue to dominate.

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