Friday, March 9, 2018

Man Who Raped 9 Women & Still Wasn't Repentant Die Behind Bars As He Boasts Of Coming Out Soon

As parole officials considered him for release, sex beast Antoni Imiela boasted from his prison cell of having the “rest of my life to live”.

But to the relief of his victims, the M25 rapist will never see freedom again.

Having never shown any remorse for his crimes, Imiela, 63, died on Thursday after falling ill with heart problems.

A source said last night: “He was taken ill this morning in the prison medical bay where he was under observation.

“It became apparent he was in a serious condition and was taken to hospital where he passed away. He had been having problems with his heart.

“A postmortem will be carried out but there were no suspicious circumstances.”

Imiela had served less than 14 years behind bars for raping nine women and girls between 1987 and 2002, with the youngest victim being 10.

Former railway worker Imiela would grab his victims, often beating them or ­threatening them with a knife.

The Parole Board was considering his release in the wake of the ­controversial decision to free black cab rapist John Worboys. The pair were both locked up at Wakefield Prison, West Yorks.

In August, Imiela wrote from his cell: “Well I’ve got the rest of my life to live yet and things to do and in the future.”

His letters focus on his upcoming parole hearing, saying: “The main thing in my head is hoping to get out.”

In the most recent, from November, he moaned: “The probation say I have to live in a hostel for at least three months when I ‘eventually’ get out and they seem not to want me to disappear abroad??!”

He also revealed he has been thinking a lot “about the past” and said he has ­suffered the ­consequences of his “criminal ways... rightly or wrongly deserved”.Imiela was born in Lubeck, West Germany, to a Polish father and German mother.


  1. How could a man be boastful of shameful act? anyways the world is coming to end

  2. His ambition has vanished

  3. Its bad he couldnt repent before he dies

  4. How pitiful he never repent before he dies