Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Photos: Mother Goes To Sea To Give Birth

Amazing pictures have captured the moment a woman gave birth underwater in the Red Sea with help from a 'tourist'.

Images show two men, believed to be a Russian doctor and the baby's dad, carrying the newborn through the waves in the Egyptian resort town of Dahab.

The unknown mum, reported to be a Russian national, is later seen emerging from the water in her bikini.

Pictures show the baby's placenta was placed into a bowl before being taken to the shore with the umbilical cord still attached.

A young child was seen waiting on the beach before being joined by the mother.

The photos, which were posted on Facebook, were reportedly snapped by a tourist from a nearby hotel balcony.

Social media praised the apparent "beauty" and "easiness" of the baby’s water birth.


  1. I know some people will say its cool

  2. This is very wrong. What if something tragic has happened .na wao

  3. She get mind oo, if the water has carried her away nko

  4. Birth inside the sea as how? They lied

  5. She no get sense at all, giving birth in the sea