Monday, March 5, 2018

'Please Donate It': Coleen Rooney Ridiculed For Bragging About Winning A Gucci Bag

Coleen Rooney was met with harsh criticism from her followers as she bragged about winning a Gucci handbag.

The wife of footballer Wayne took to Twitter to thank the organisers of a competition she'd won.

Coleen scooped a designer handbag in a contest run by The Cool Card, an exclusive, members-only privilege card that unlocks a secret world of benefits from luxury brands.

Sharing a snap of her new accessory, she wrote: "Thank you so much @thecoolcard .... competition winner of this gorgeous bag!!"

But some of the mum-of-four's followers didn't appreciate her post.

One said: "As if... embarrassing"

And another sarcastically wrote: "Well done Coleen, that’s great news. I know you’ve been saving hard for that bag."

While one commented: "Really Coleen didn’t think you were that shallow to advertise your freebies “winner”really ? Stick to posting your lovely family pics"

Another said: "This makes me cringe. Super wealthy privileged lady member of an exclusive private club (clearly for the super wealthy) wins a super expensive bag. Taking the p**s much?"


  1. It was a game and she won, why are peole like this

  2. Bad belle dey do people. Rather than haters to pray to God for super Financial breakthrough, na hating dem sabi...