Thursday, March 8, 2018

Rihanna Finally Sells Her West Hollywood Home

Rihanna's got to be breathing a sigh of relief after finally selling the West Hollywood home she's been struggling to unload for almost 5 months.

RiRi purchased the 2,800 square foot pad in August of last year for $2.75 million. The singer had a quick change of heart because the 4 bedroom, 4 bath home was back on the market only 3 months later for $2.85 mil. Then in January, the home was listed as a rental for $16.5k a month.

It didn't seem like there were any takers, despite all the amenities, including a pool and a guesthouse.

The home finally sold last week for the $2.85 million asking price, so Rihanna walked away with an extra $100k.


  1. At least she sold it higher than the price she bought it

  2. These people ehn,why would she sell it?

    1. She didn't like it anymore. Is it your own

    2. Don't mind me jawe, my body just dey do me somehow ni,i like the house