Friday, March 2, 2018

Tekno Rejected Me For His Musical Video Because I Have A Dark Skin - Video Vixen

A Nigerian Model/video vixen with the name @Quinbee on Instagram has taken to the platform to reveal how she was rejected yesterday on set of Tekno's music video because she has a DARK SKIN. Quinbee who was however upset about the rejection walked out from his set... She wrote;

I had the worst experience today as a darkskin model, I woke up at 4am, got to Oregun on the mainland at 8am, and waited for the director @paul_gambitwhom i respect a lot. Anyways to cut the story short, after all my stress, Tekno arrived on set, it was time to shoot with him. Tekno refused to use me as the main model for his #yourlovethevideo shoot cause i’m dark skin.

Later he settled for me doing the full shots so a light skin model can do the closeup shots with him. But i walked out on him and his set. Dark skin women are beautiful and precious, we don’t settle for less and we don’t get to be an option, we are the option. Black girls please love your skin and never feel bad about rejection, If a Tekno rejects you, Look up to a Wizkid, Wizkid inspires me everyday to love my skin with his videos and how much he appreciates black women…


  1. Abeg this shouldn't be an issue. He doesn't want a dark person in his current video, you just spoilt your market by doing this. Cos everyone wouldnt want to hire a social media noise maker. Everyone is entitled to their choices. Some girl would say I can never date a light skinned guy. Atleast people use dark skinned gals

  2. That's how they encourage bleaching. Yeye rat like him

  3. Walking away was the best decision you made

  4. he must be very stupid for doing that. brainless bastard