Why People Think I’m Wayward- Sikiratu Sindodo


Nollywood actress, Sikiratu Sindodo who has actually paid her dues has spoken out on why people think she is wayward. According to Sindodo who goes by the name Tayo Odueke, she is a very reserved person but her fans think otherwise. Speaking on why she was nicknamed Sindodo she said;

The movie that led to my breakthrough is Sikirat Sindodo. The name, Sikirat Sindodo, has stuck with me ever since and it is always in the news for the bad reasons. People see me as a very wayward girl because of the role I played in the movie. Meanwhile, I am a very calm person. I don’t go out when it is not necessary and I mind my business. However, I don’t regret playing that particular movie because I was just doing my job.

On Yoruba actresses being illiterates, she also said;

People often think that Yoruba actors cannot speak English but that’s not true. Most of the people coming into the industry now are graduates. Even the ones that have been there before, who were not graduates, are going back to school. One problem that we have is that the pay in the industry is very poor and that is why I don’t appear in a lot of movies. The only way we make money is when we produce our movies.

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