Monday, April 16, 2018

E Don Happen! Toyin Lawani Replies Man Who Dissed Her Over Cash With Her Own Dollar Notes

Hehehe, E don happen o, lol. Toyin Lawani yesterday posted a photo of raw cash on her page and asked her followers to pray that may such money locate them. Then a man jumped on her page and called her out saying the picture was his and Toyin cut him off. Toyin kept mute... Then this morning, mama made a fresh post of her with $100 notes in wads and blasted the dude.

They say the man in question is a club owner while some said he is a hype man. Whatever it is, a club is linked to him, lol.

Watch Toyin's video (newest post) after the cut, and the first post she made too and also what the man said. Hehehe... Gone are the eras when men are the only ones flaunting cash. HEHEHE I love this comeback!!!!

The initial post made by Toyin...

Dude (cubana_chiefpriest) jumped on post and commented and others followed...

Post Cubana made on his own page that started the whole drama

Toyin Lawani's Comeback Post!!!


  1. This is serious, the man no get sense. Toyin never did anything wrong. Copying a picture is not big deal

  2. Toyin ought to have ignore this, silence is golden

  3. Mschew with her peanuts?

  4. Social media's money is nobody money, what is yomi casual own in this matter?

  5. On IG anyone can front. Be fast and return if from whom you borrowed it from to pose.