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Sunday, April 22, 2018

If He Doesn’t Satisfy You In Bed He’s Cheating On You - Model Akinpelu Rachael

Bubbly Ibadan based model cum entrepreneur, Akinpelu Rachael’s view on sexuality and relationships is one that would raise an alarm among men but she is not ashamed to air it, because she is a woman of impeccable principles, she told Vanguard.

Though she claims her relationship is private business, she believes that a man who is truly in love with his partner must be able to satisfy her sexually and otherwise. The model is of the strong opinion that any man who can’t satisfy his woman in bed is probably cheating on her. In other words, “Someone out there is milking the sexual energy from him.”

“Every lady out there, especially the married ones should know this, if he doesn’t satisfy you sexually he’s cheating on you. But with exceptions to cases of premature ejaculation, stress, sickness etc. These are probable cases of men not being able to satisfy their women, but in the context of my argument, I am looking at it from the view that the man isn’t attracted to the lady anymore and he is getting sexual pleasure from another woman”, she opined. Are you with her?


  1. Do you think it's all guys that are sexually active

  2. Mumu talk. She outlined several things but you can tell she ain't that intelligent. The first thing she should have talked about was low sex drive not stress or sickness. On the flip side, some of us can have sex 5days every week. Does not mean the man is not cheating? She is pretending to know men but does not know jack.- Newyorker

  3. This one is looking for attention