Thursday, May 31, 2018

Aww Donald Duke Is A Lover Boy [Photos]

Aww Ex-Governor Donald Duke is a lover boy and we love! The former Governor was spotted at a Shoprite branch and said Madam actually handed him a list and when a woman does that, you stand up and go. While posting photos on his instagram account, he wrote;

‘’When Madam hands you a list and sends you on a “quick” errand to the market, what do you do? You get up and go!’’


  1. Mtchews, ex polithief has started playing love on IG

  2. Don't be fooled na. It is election season and he is trying to show his human side. What exactly is madam sending him? They have tons of errands boys and girls. He never ran errands for several years after leaving office, as election remain 9months, he begin run errand. Negodu- Newyorker