Black Man Insults Black Women BECAUSE He Is Dating A White Woman


Lmao, this is a sell out. This is someone that has forgotten his sense just because he his dating another human being. He is a typical example of someone suffering from inferiority complex. Shit! Just dumb! He even wants to make us insult the lady… can you imagine o, e pass this chic? What if he was dating Miss World, Odeson…

So we have joined the rest of African women who is putting this SELL OUT under fire for daring to insult black women just cus he has a girlfriend who is white, who is not in anyway different from a black woman anyway. We are not racists, if not, we know what we would have said, LOL. But let’s just leave it like this, but really, the thing is annoying… See the guy’s face sef. Proper MUMU.

So the South African SELL OUT, Josey Ncube took to Facebook to list reasons he prefers a white woman to a black one any day. His list;

1. No noise

2. No weaves

3. Clean punani

4. No nasty smells

5. Educated

6. No hairy punani

7. Tight punani

8. Good looking kids

9. Respect


11.Kinky shit

12. No asking for money

13. No noise

14. No mthakathi

15. No noise

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