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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Couple Caught Charging Strangers £175 An Hour For S3x After Turning Home Into A Brothel

A married couple caught in a prostitution sting charged strangers they met on the internet £175 an hour for sex, a court heard. David Navaro, 50, and Celia Galan, 41, posted racy snaps in an escort advert under the names Peter and Ann, claiming to be more than 10 years younger.

Spanish national Navaro and Brazil-born Galan said they were open to men, women and couples, promising clients: "You will enjoy the best experience of your life."

The husband and wife made up to £4,300 a month selling sex after turning their home into a brothel in Ennis, Ireland, the Irish Mirror reports.

Navaro and Galan told police they didn't think they were doing anything wrong when they were arrested.

The pair have now avoided jail after admitting to knowingly living in whole or in part on the earnings of the prostitution of another person and aided and abetted that prostitution.

In July 2016 a surveillance operation was mounted outside the couple’s house after there were suspected of operating a brothel from the property.

Insp Tom Kennedy told Ennis District Court the two always worked together with clients, saying: “This was a couple situation as opposed to a single situation.”

The inspector added the two would charge £175 an hour for sex and call-out rates of £215 for the first hour.

Insp Kennedy said the couple told investigators they were making £1,050 a week and up to £4,300 a month.

In reply to a question from Judge Patrick Durcan, Insp Kennedy said the two were both managers and providers of the service at the home and no other people were engaging in prostitution at the address.

Judge Durcan told the court he would fine each £525.

He said: “This activity is against the law and the court doesn’t approve of this type of activity.”


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