Groom Shot Dead At His Own Wedding During ‘Celebratory Gun Firing’


A groom has been killed during his wedding ceremony when celebratory fire gunfire reportedly hit him in the chest.

A man described as a “close friend” has been arrested in connection with the shocking death, which took place in the city of Rampur in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

After he was shot, he was seen grimacing in pain and clutching his chest after a number of popping sounds, before slumping forward and later dying.

According to local police, the suspect identified only as Ramchandra fired two shots at the groom from his licensed gun.

When the first shot missed Sunil Verma, the accused fired again and hit him in the chest.

Ramchandra has been charged with murdering Sunil Verma and is reportedly on remand awaiting trial.

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