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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Harry & Meghan To Move Into 21-Room Wing Of Kensington Palace

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new home next door to Prince William and Kate Middleton is being hurriedly renovated in time for them to move in once they're married.

According to insiders workers repairing the roof of Apartment 1, Kensington Palace, were instructed to complete the job quickly, as Prince Harry made it clear him and Meghan plan to start a family soon.

Royal courtiers were last year keen to let it be known that the couple would immediately be living at Nottingham Cottage - Harry’s "bachelor pad" in the grounds of the Kensington Palace - for the foreseeable future.

But insiders have known for some time that it was always Harry's intention to move out of the cosy two-bed "Nott Cott" as soon as possible and into Apartment 1 - a stunning 21-room wing of the palace.

It was revealed yesterday that the Duke of Gloucester agreed to move out of Apartment 1 shortly after the engagement to allow Harry and Meghan to move in.