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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Nigerian Lady Also Wants Men To Pray In Marriage

Lol, I don't know why i feel the only thing this lady, Uche Favour is trying to pass across is that, ''SEE IT IS NOT ONLY WOMEN WHO SHOULD MAKE A MARRIAGE WORK, MEN SHOULD MAKE IT WORK TOO''. Because she just said the things women usually do when their marriage is in crisis, LOL.


  1. Hmm, they should both join hands together to make the marriage work out

  2. Both a man and woman must make marriage work

  3. Mumu. Cheating for women is emotional. I have seen a runs-girl who got married and stopped sleeping around. When a woman cheats, it is because she wants to cheat. Shikena. Our mothers saw hell in their marital homes and did not cheat. Stop trying to justify what you want to do- Newyorker