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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I Don't Identify With The Term 'Feminist'- Williams

She has seven grand slam titles under her belt, but iconic tennis player Venus Williams says she doesn't identify with the term 'feminist.'

In an interview with ELLE's June issue: entitled Modern Love, the 37-year-old said she believes women have more opportunities than they ever have before.

She said: 'I don’t like labels, though I do think as women we have much more power and opportunities in our hands than ever before. We truly don’t know how powerful we are. There’s nothing like a powerful woman walking into a room; her presence is like nothing else.'

Venus said she is grateful for the opportunities available for women in sport in this day and age.

She said: 'There are so many emerging forces; there’s been so much growth for women in sports. It’s very exciting.

'You have to be able to stand up for what you believe in and I think I’ve done a good job. I guess I don’t have too many regrets.'

Venus was asked about equality and women’s rights:

She said: 'For me, the conversation [around equality] was never there. There are always challenges that you have to overcome on a daily basis.

'Unfortunately, people have the tendency to want to dominate one another, but fortunately, there are people who want to build other women up. It’s up to those people who want to build to hopefully eliminate all that negativity.'

Despite being ranked one of the world's best tennis players, Venus said she has had to make sacrifices along the way.