Between Single Moyo Lawal, S-x & Relationships


If you say Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal is single and has decided to make her instagram page her partner, you might not be too far from the truth.

Moyo is SINGLE, that has remain a fact she has not been able to hide,but her followers are hearing it from her, lol. Infact, the actress has made every of her follower her boyfriend, by engaging them in private, very private conversations.

i.e. She is always fast to talk about relationships and sex,;always being the first by answering the questions she asks, before her followers continue with their own answers.

Part of the questions she asked in the past are; ‘’How long should a good sex last? What would happen if you and your ex are in a room for hours?’’ among many.

In one of her latest posts, the actress revealed one of the weirdest things she loves to do in private and it is while taking her bath. “Is it weird? I really enjoy staring at myself while I take my bath. Like I dance and everything in front of my mirror while taking a bath. I even do squats sometimes.” she said.

Most of her focus has been about sex and relationship, to the extent, that one of her followers had to say she was obsessed with sex.

What we know…Moyo has not been sexually active for months now. She has not even had s-x this YEAR! 😆

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