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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tickets To Beyonce & Jayz's Tour Are Reportedly Being Given Away For Free To Fill Empty Seats

Tickets to Beyonce and Jay Z's latest tour are reportedly being given away for free as the power couple struggle to fill seats.

The pair kicked off their On The Run II tour in Cardiff last week - four years after their first joint On The Run tour.

A handful of fans who were outside their Glasgow concert over the weekend claimed they were given free tickets, while others said their seats had been upgraded for free.

A third fan shared a picture of the empty seats on Twitter, and wrote: "The concert rate was empty. They knew the concert wasn't going to sell out and already had curtains set up before the show to cover the empty sections."

“If you are near Hampden Park go to the main parking lot they are giving out free tickets for the Beyonce & Jay Z concert because of empty seats," a second said.

Another wrote on Twitter: “Met Beyonce’s security in work and he’s offered me free tickets for tonight.”

Ticket prices for the pair's gigs range from £51 to a huge £475 for a VIP standing pass.

Jay and Beyonce will perform a string of dates across Europe, including Manchester tonight, and London on Friday and Saturday, before taking their tour to North America in July.

Only nine of their remaining 46 dates have been a sell out, with plenty of tickets still up for sale for this Saturday's concert in London, where standard tickets will set you back around £50.

While crowds may not be treated to new material, the pair have been sharing lots of candid moments from their life behind closed doors.

Opening their tour last week, they showed new footage of twins Sir and Rumi and also a clip from their wedding vow renewal as they celebrated their 10 year anniversary.


  1. Hmmmm, people are getting wise on how to use their money

  2. At least time to reward their loyal fan

  3. Sincerely speaking they shouldn't have gone on tour yet and people want to see Beyonce not Jay Z. Besides they need to incorporate other artist with their tour.

  4. Thank God for delivering his children from such wrong concerts.