Thursday, June 28, 2018

Cossy’s Neighbour Who Assaulted Her Will Be Charged To Court According To The Actress

Cossy’s neighbour who allegedly assaulted her when she went to plead with him to stop beating his wife is about to be charged to court. The man, Martins Obinka Maruchewho owns choice properties around Lagos denied the assault, but admitted he pushed Cossy out of his compound. Now the police will on Monday charge him to court and Cossy is given updates.

Also, a lady who the man had a relationship with in the past, also slid into Cossy’s DM explaining how Mr Martins begged her to have a son for him and how she left him because he was too violent (something that can also be used against him in court).


  1. How is she wahala woman pls? should she have allowed the man assault her and go free? that he batters his wife is not enof, he has the gut to batter another woman. Shame on you!