Friday, June 29, 2018

Jamil Abubakar’s Alleged Babymama Shares Convo She Had With Son

We already told you we are keeping up with her and she’s keeping us updated too! So Jamil Abubakar’s alleged babymama, Irene has taken to social media to share a convo she had with a son – 2 months old Jordan! Sharing the above photo, the 22-year old wrote;

''The real story behind this photo😄😄
Jordan: mama I’m hungry i want milk
Mama: sweetheart this is not the place or time
Jordan: I’ll start screaming if you don’t 😩😩**starts crying**
Mama: okay fine just for 5mins''


  1. But if na jamil you fit give am for 5 hours

  2. Small child, small brain. Is this what she needs at this moment

  3. This girl is so dumb and retarded.She wants the spotlight woman you have made your point known respect your self and you family.You breast feed your child you don't it's not our business. In the next 2 years to would be forgotten simple as that one. Fir her mind she be celebrity ur just a girl that was deceived by a guy he had his fill with you and got you pregnant and moved on to marry his real woman