Friday, June 29, 2018

Liz Anjorin Writes Buhari On The State Of The Nation

She wrote;

Open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari. I can imagine the pain in your heart over the killings and calamities happening in this country. Carrying the Nation's burden on shoulders is not an easy thing to do. Me, myself and I as a positive thinker I will like to tell you to brace up and pray harder. My question is, who is behind these killings? Could it be people you arrested for money laundering that are behind all these killings/calamities?

The families and friends of these people will never be at peace with this country because they will see it as if they were molested. Despite the fact that you are seeing it as a discipline act, some are seeing it as evil and molestation.

Your Excellency Sir, Nigeria has no prayer or voodoo to make this Country grow but we have genius vodoo, pure evil mouth and heart to destroy this noble Country of you and I. The pains of killing is unbearable. Within 10days we've lost so many souls that can contribute to the growth of this Country. Some of this people that died are bread winners in their family. Some are the last blood line of their family. These people's little taxes can speak volume in our economy if they are alive. This sudden death and killings is not different from a parent buring their kids. Sir, if you and the whole world wants to see this as a baseless and senseless opinion, I don't care. But please Sir, I beg you in the name of Allah RELEASE EVERYBODY IN THE CLAW OF YOUR GOVERNMENT CONCERNING MONEY LAUNDRING AND PAST GOVERNMENT ISSUES. MAKE PEACE WITH THE PAST GOVERNMENT, MAYBE THESE KILLINGS/CALAMITIES WILL STOP. EXCEPT IF IT HAS TO DO WITH KILLINGS, SIR. If we work hard in peace, we will make more money and pay our taxes as at when due. Those people that are facing money laundering charges and party issues with your government might be the ones that are behind these killings and calamities to distract you from doing your job and they are using innocent souls to get back at you and their own children are overseas. Please, before their voodoo from Indian and from other African countries that has confirm evil voodoo finish us, Sir. As you can see everything look as if


  1. Attention seeker. Who helped her type in English

  2. in as much as I don't like condemning people's but I can just control myself when it comes to people like you Liz. I met you once and you are fucking proud bitch with no brain and your English language is zero. my elder brother nearly finish your with grammar and you were so uncomfortable sitting next to him. you, writing an open letter to president. I am laughing in Chinese. you are just an attention seeker and a dickhead bitch

    1. Hope you noticed she also speaks through her teeth. Cant stand her

  3. How is this even possible aunty lizzy anjorin

  4. Is this Liz out of her mind? How could you link this to money l aunderers when Buhari himself said they are displaced people from Libya in an international conference? What about El Rufai who said they were Fulanis who he had to pay for them to stop killing? It is so heart breaking that some Nigerians cannot read between the lines. They will see and know the truth but pretend. Come on, if you need something or appointment from Buhari go to him. This image laundering to seek attention will not work.