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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Malivelihood Promises Super Eagles Players Diamond Pendant Worth $15k Each With Their Names Inscribed On It If They Win The World Cup

According to sources close to Nigerian luxury jeweler, he is planning to give each Super Eagles player a $15,000 Diamond Pendant with each person’s name inscribed behind it if they win the world cup.

Worthy of note: The jeweler is known for blessing celebrities/socialites with luxury jewelries. He once promised to give Tuface a jewelry worth N5m and he did. He did for Davido, Obafemi Martins and a host of others too, aside patronizing him too. And of course, you remember the drama that followed when he was in charge of supplying ‘special gifts’ at the wedding ceremony of a then sitting Nigerian President.

Also worthy of note is when he was featured in 'World Magazine' in 2015 and in the same year he was approached by a foreign company to help them sell a diamond worth $30m.

Need we say he has also been patronized by international celebrities? The only thing left is for Nigerians to root for the Eagles. Go Eagles, Go Eagles, oh dear!


  1. Because he is so sure they will don't win

  2. Awww, how far with his wedding now? Na so so gifts we dey hear and see

  3. E still dey pain me this guy no marry Tonto

  4. Hoping they will bring back home the CUP

  5. The cheerful giver

  6. Nice way to cheer for them and encourage them, but we all know ghey won't win and we are fine with that.