Friday, June 22, 2018

Man Allegedly Leaves Two Nails In Head Of Kenyan Man For Demanding His Dues [Photo]

A 28-year-old Kenyan man from Meru County has died in hospital after two steel nails were hammered into his skull.

Doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital managed to pull the four-inch nails out of Robert Muchangi's head but was only able to come out of coma and explained how the attack happened and who carried it out.

 Muchangi, was attacked in Kabuitu in Igembe Central last Wednesday by a man suspected to have offered him a building job at his home. Muchangi had reportedly gone to see the man to demand his dues when the attack happened.

He has now given up the ghost and his family left with the burden of a Sh300,000 medical bill. His family are blaming the police for not being active enough over the incident. RIP


  1. what was he looking at when he was nailed

  2. omo mhen, this man is a rel devil: he is the devil h8mself

  3. police are all the same in africa, this breaks my heart