Mel B Barred From Home After Breaching Court Order


Mel B has allegedly been denied access to her own LA home after breaching an order to stay away.

Mel’s ex Stephen Belafonte reportedly presented photographs in Los Angeles Superior Court of the popstar accessing the property to remove Spice Girls memorabilia.

As their marital dispute roles on, Stephen is allegedly using the pictures against Mel as proof that she has been lying, simultaneously insisting that he is ‘in fear’ of what she will do next.

Since January, Stephen has been living in the property, which has originally listed for sale in March 2017.

Other than him, family members and third parties were specifically banned from the home.
However, The Sun reported that Mel brought friends to the property with a removal truck on May 25 and made access by the garage.

Only a week later, Mel was granted permission to take the property back from Stephen because he was turning it into an ‘Animal House’ by throwing wild parties.

Stephen is now seemingly using the evidence of her visit to prove that she has breached on order.

In court papers filed last week, Stephen also said: ‘I am in fear of what [Mel B] will do next and what additional harm she will continue to cause me. [She] will stop at nothing to try and destroy me.’

He added she had tried to ’emotionally and psychologically abuse me, harass me, destroy me publicly and personally to the point where I have already been hospitalized twice due to my anxiety, stress and high blood pressure.’

In December, Belafonte claimed that Mel B was making it extremely difficult for him to sell the house because she wouldn’t let him inside to make repairs and stage it for a sale.

As part of their divorce – which became final on December 15 last year – the couple agreed to sell the marital home they once shared on Cordell Drive in LA, and split the proceeds but Mel has since backtracked on this.

On the day his divorce became final – December 15 – Belafonte returned to the house and was shocked to find, ‘total and complete strangers at the residence’.

He said in court papers: ‘I observed alcohol bottles everywhere, stains in the carpet, holes in the furniture and the house reeked of cigarettes and marijuana.’

He said the strangers told him Mel had said they could stay there but since he had not given his permission, he called the police who ‘kicked them out.’

The next day, he made a more detailed walk-through of the house and found it ‘was left in such a deplorable and horrific condition that many of the furnishings and items that were brand new and/or previously functioning, were entirely destroyed. There was damage done to the walls, floors, outside areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, theater room and dining room.

‘As a result of the damage, the Cordell residence was in no condition to be shown to prospective buyers and much work had to be done in order to remedy the mess made by the third party squatters and to make the necessary repairs to the household furnishings.’

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