Why I Don’t Talk To Press- Liz Da Silva


Nollywood actress, Liz Da Silva with real names as Elizabeth Omowunmi Tekovi in this interview with Showtime Celebrity revealed why she doesn’t talk to press. According to her, she avoids this due to misinterpretations…

You have been scarce lately especially in movies. What’s going on? 

Are you suggesting that you see all movies that hit the marketers’ shelves every week to have concluded that I am scarce? Well, you don’t expect me to be in all movies, do you? I appear in movies that demands my talent and services and of course that guaranties my pay. Again, I don’t survive on movies alone.

So what else do you do?

I am into clothing and fashion. I deal on African fabrics. I mean African materials like Ankara, Adire, Aso Oke and so on. I sell them and also design them. I shuttle between Lagos and the neighbouring West African countries where I also do my business. I also travel abroad to market my products on demand.

Let’s talk about your family

Please, kindly accept my appeal, I don’t discuss my family or personal life on the pages of newspapers. I dread controversies.


You must agree with me that most broken relationships or marriages start from the pages of newspapers. That is why I hardly grant interviews. I am doing this just because of the event we are attending, the personality of the person we are here to honour and the environment we are. I dread the media so much for fear of being misquoted or misinterpreted. More so, I am a very shy and private person.

How is your son, Abdulrahman doing?

Oh, you know so much about me, so why the interview? My son is doing well. Thank you.

And his father?

You are probing too far and deep. Let’s keep the issue around me please.

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