Friday, July 27, 2018

Caroline Hutchings Introduces Her Friends To Us

If she hadn’t said this in the open, we would have thought they are her ‘dream friends’, but then she made it known on Instagram, so we believe her.

These are the type of friends you should keep if you want to see the kingdom of God anyway, lol.

Givers, no gossip and those who honour God? You are in heaven already, lol.

But wait, what about those ladies she sometimes posts on social media, they have these qualities too? Lol.. they don’t gossip and her business moguls? OK! Caro’s words below…


  1. Chai Ladun she is not news worthy. These lies are not news worthy. Pay no attention to attention seekers

  2. Friends can never be rely on

  3. They re nothing but high clas hookers finish

  4. If it's true then kudos to their friendships. But every friend has its advantage and usefulness one way or another

  5. Story for the Gods

  6. They are all birds of same feather that feed themselves with lies