Friday, July 27, 2018

Crisis Looms In APC Kwara As Youths Cry To Governor For Defection, Gov Says Saraki Decides

Hahaha it is about to go down. Ofcourse we all know it is an open secret that Senator Bukola Saraki is about to leave APC. We all are just waiting for the BIG NEWS.

Already his BESTIE Senator Dino Melaye has left, his close ally, Kwara State Governor, Ahmed has also openly slammed APC, saying we are waiting for Saraki to come to the State to tell us the party to defect too. People, it’s about to go downnnnnnnnnn, lol.

To the main story; youths, artisans, local government chairmen and associations yesterday urged Kwara State Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed to take them out of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

They spoke in Ilorin, the state capital, during a meeting with the governor.

Ali Baba, who spoke on behalf of the youths said: “Your government has empowered and prioritised the youths. Therefore, the only structure we know in Kwara is (Bukola) Saraki. Everywhere you, our leaders go, we are with you.”

Leader of the market women Idiat Lambe said: “Take us to where our welfare will be guaranteed and our expectations met.”

Ahmed said: “We are gathered here to consult with our supporters, market women, artisans, youths and women on how to guarantee our people’s interest and our state’s progress.”

He said the APC had failed them, adding that “Our leader Senate President Bukola Saraki will soon come home to announce where we will go. APC has not met our expectations.”

The governor added: “Stakeholders have come to tell us here today that you don’t want to remain in APC. You have told us that they have not met your aspirations as a people in APC. You have come to tell us that you want us to move on to a new platform that will give us room to meet our aspirations for the good of Kwarans.

“By the grace of God almighty, you will have a response very soon and very clear. But one is as clear as crystal you the stakeholders have told us to move out of the APC and because we run an inclusive process, that is why we have come to sit here and seek your opinion which you have expressed.

“And certainly your decision is our decision. So whatever you want is what we will do. God will guide us aright.”