Sunday, July 29, 2018

Dayo Amusa Explains The Difference Between Rich & Famous (Her Opinion)

Dayo Amusa in what she calls just my view with Dayo Amusa has explained the difference between being rich and being famous. She says the combination rarely happens to an individual. Here's her view...

''RICH AND FAMOUS Everyone wish to be rich or famous & many wish to be both but it rarely happens. The biggest difference between rich and famous is that being rich means you have money and being famous means that you are widely known.

You can be famous without being rich just like you can be rich and not be famous. Being rich does have some disadvantages. Perhaps when you’re rich, risk goes out the window, maybe somebody is planning to kidnap your relatives in order to “earn” some money. Clearly, the accounting system in your head tells you that you should save some money for future purposes, but the temptation to spend it immediately is so much that you can not resist and actually you go out shopping and spend your money. Possibly, you will become materialistic.

Being Famous is different from being rich. Famous people spend their holidays in expensive resorts, get the best hotel rooms and the most efficient service. Moreover, when you are famous, your name is known by everyone. Then, you are invited to the best parties and meet other famous people too. People would admire you for who you are but not how much money you have. Besides, being famous could possibly leads to being rich too, just like many of the celebrities today.  In my opinion, I prefer being famous and rich. Social status is easier to climb when you are famous.#copied #justmyviewwithdayoamusa#JMVwithDayoAmusa #jmv WHATS YOUR VIEW''