Monday, July 30, 2018

Femi Kuti Calls Out Band Member Who Disappeaed In New York 20 Mins To His Concert

Femi Kuti has called out a band member who almost ruined his concert in New York. The Afro singer says, Aghedo Andrew disappeared 20 mins to the show and if not for other band members who tried to fill his space, the show would have been ruined.

A very bitter Femi wrote;

''My bassist Aghedo Andrew nearly ruined my concert yesterday in New York @SummerStage ,He disappeared 20mins before show time. I want to thank the rest of the band for standing strong and giving one of the best shows of the tour. He has a good job. Paid quite well. Has enough money to resign properly and with all visas in his passport he can travel anywhere in the world. So that’s not an excuse.''

A follower then told the singer not to worry that the guy would be fished out by
ICE and Femi replied;

''I'm not worried. Still have dedicated musicians that are committed to holding the integrity of the music.''

His sister Yeni Kuti shortly afterwards also posted a photo of the guy and tagged President Trump.

She wrote;  ''The face of betrayal. I hope @realdonaldtrump catches you and deports you!!! Deserted band 20mins before concert because he wants to stay in America.''


  1. @realdonaldtrump catches you and deports you!!! funny statement

  2. What a disappointment

  3. Lolz, nothing is bad as being betrayed

  4. Karma don tag the guy

  5. Who should we trust

  6. Dude saw opportunity to live in the States and he quickly grab it with both hands

  7. Mumu guy . Even if you want to run you should at least finish the concert before running

  8. What if the guy is missing?