Saturday, July 28, 2018

Biker Awarded $8.8m After Man Slept With His Wife

A BMX stuntman has been awarded $8.8million in damages from a man who slept with his wife and allegedly destroyed their marriage.

Keith King successfully sued Francisco Huizar III over the 18 month fling with his wife Danielle using a North Carolina law that allows spouses to pursue ‘homewreckers’ for damages.

It stipulates that married individuals can sue a person for ‘criminal conversation’ if they have sex with their spouse and destroy the ‘genuine love and affection’ in a marriage.

The enormous payout is comprised of $2.2million in compensatory damages, as well as triple that in punitive damages, the Herald Sun reported.

He was awarded the sum despite Huizar’s lawyer claiming King was a controlling spouse in an already-troubled marriage when he met her

King is said to have controlled his wife’s access to money, made her watch porn, insisted she keep her hair blonde and that she wear bikinis as well as high heels.

Huizar and Danielle King met at a New York BMX show in August 2015, and began their affair after Keith King left her behind to attend a Colorado show.

Huizar, of San Antonio, Tx., is said to have rented a room closer to the Kings’ home in Durham, NC., that month, and met Danielle at least nine times over the following three months.

Keith King rumbled the affair in August 2015 after checking his wife’s phone bill, and asked Huizar to leave her alone.

But Huizar tagged along to a spa break King gave to his wife as a birthday gift the following February.

King’s attorney Joanne Foil told Durham Superior Court: ‘Guess who the heck tagged along?. Mr. Huizar.

‘He just conveniently popped up. There is no way that this marriage could have humanly been saved with the level of this man’s involvement.’

He is also said to have hired a property close to where the Kings were enjoying a beach vacation together in spring 2016.