Thursday, July 26, 2018

Must Watch! Between Daddy Showkey & Tekno

Lmao, Daddy Showkey is a clown, a big one. So after Tekno posted a video of him teaching pro boxing, Daddy Showkey downloaded the video on his phone, recorded a video of himself replying to Tekno’s boxing brag and splashed it on his own IG page. Lol. In the beginning of the video, Showkey was seen nodding his head in what means, ‘see this one, see this one o’’. In the middle of the video, the singer was forced to respond to Tekno’s antics saying ‘na die you dey’ and he went on mocking him. See eh, even if you don’t want to watch any more video today after this, it’s fine. You just need to see Showkey’s reaction!

Hopefully, Tekno won’t react to this, cause doing so will be sheer disrespect! #NoYourMate