Happy New Year

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Mom, Sunmbo Ajaba & Annie Idibia Show Love To Each Other On Social Media

New mom, Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye and Annie Idibia are still friends. Recall at the early stage of dating Tuface, they were sworn enemies,but all that stopped when Sunmbo became born again and totally left Tuface.

Shortly afterwards, Sunmbo and Annie started showing each other love on social media, but Tuface’s 3rd babymama, Pero distanced herself, except whenever she felt like throwing a jab.

Today, Annie posted a pic of her on set, and Sunmbo who just welcomed a baby boy with her Pastor husband wrote ‘see as you fine’. Annie also replied teasing her and  saying, she should leave her, becuase in just two months,she would snap back.  What love can be more than this!


  1. Don't believe the two can be like this

  2. Annie and eye service

  3. Women love each other when they no longer fight for the same thing

  4. Change is the only thing that is constant

  5. Tubaba is in US to see her and her kids. But wait, annie and pero can never be friends because her husband is still fucking her and there is nothing she can do about it

  6. Because she married another person