Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Femi Kuti Accused Of Sleeping With Underaged Girls

A man who claims to be an ex-band member of Femi Kuti’s band has called him out on instagram saying he treats his bandboys badly and sleeps with underaged girls.

The man who now resides in the US, claims the singer is still owing him for  the service rendered to him and even threatened the singer. He says in the US, sleeping with underaged girls is a crime, but in Nigeria, Femi has bought his way.

This is coming days after Femi Kuti accused a band member of absconding in the US. Read his accusations below…


  1. Like father like son. No wonder the wife left just like his own mum left leflt. Change you ways otherwise hiv is released. Ask your dad

  2. Hmmm,i think the so called keyboardist that fled is behind this

  3. It's everywhere...smh
    what do you expect from igbo master?