Thursday, August 9, 2018

Husband Calls Police On Wife For Snoring Too Loud

A sleep-deprived husband called 999 on his wife because she was snoring so loudly. West Midlands Police (WMP) shared the unbelievable audio online to urge people to leave the emergency line for real emergencies.

After all, the clue is in the name. The tired husband is heard saying his wife sounds like a ‘motorbike’ and he ‘doesn’t know what to do’.

To which the call handler, with breathtaking patience, says ‘this isn’t a police matter’ and told him to seek medical advice when his wife wakes up.

WMP has been forced to start campaigning after receiving the highest daily total of 999 calls in its history. Lol,do you blame them? Just imagine this report. Husband like enemy!


  1. U people are. Blasting d. Hubbby police say no b police case. U guys forget if one does notget regular sleep he. Or she. Acts mad wen this man's frustration explodes. He will. Murder this woman then it will become a police case