Thursday, August 2, 2018

Jealous Man Lights His Teen Girlfriend On Fire For Allegedly Speaking With Another Man On Phone

Nawa o! When you move in with a man that early! A naked teenager was filmed screaming and writhing around in agony after her 'jealous' fiancé allegedly set her on fire at their home.

Alexandra Kuzmina, 19, reportedly uttered harrowing words to paramedics as they desperately tried to help her following the blaze.

She told them: “You should kill me rather than feel this pain.”

The young woman suffered savage burns, covering 80% of her body, in the alleged attack near Yalta in the Crimea, medical sources say.

She was set ablaze after her partner reportedly returned home 'drunk' and began pouring petrol in their bedroom and "all over her" .

Bedding was also destroyed by flames during the incident.

Alexandra's partner, Evgeny Bondaruk, 24, sustained burns to his hands and was taken to hospital, where he was under armed guard by police.

He now faces an attempted murder charge.

If convicted, he could end up behind bars for 20 years.

In a distressing video, a badly burnt Alexandra, a cashier at a petrol station, can be seen crying out and writing on the ground.

Paramedics sought to help her minutes after the fire was doused.

The young woman was rushed to hospital after the alleged attack, which burned all of her clothes and has reportedly 'ruined her life'.

She was put in an artificial coma and assisted with her breathing. She was airlifted to a major hospital and doctors now expect her to survive.

Alexandra and Bondaruk shared small living quarters at the petrol station, where they both worked for the summer season in the tourist peninsula annexed by Russian from Ukraine in 2014.

The fire took place after Bondaruk allegedly returned home 'drunk' and enraged at the way his fiancée had spoken to another man.

“She had been so happy and he has wrecked everything - her beauty will never recover,” claimed one of Alexandra's friends.

The pal added that the teenager's life "has been ruined by the attack”, with “her whole body badly burned and damaged forever”.

Relatives are desperately gathering money to pay for her treatment.

Her mother Olesya Kuzmina, 38, claimed Bondaruk was "jealous about something" when he went into the home he shared with her daughter.

The case is under the control of the Russian Investigative Committee in Crimea.

A court hearing was moved to Bondaruk's hospital ward, where a judge remanded him in custody.


  1. Why living with a man you are not married to?

  2. She should know her life is at risk living with him in the first place, but the man is a horrific beast

  3. Oh too bad, he must be killed also