Saturday, August 11, 2018

Love Island Star Shows Off New Look After Undergoing Several Cosmetic Procedures

The Love Island finalists have been enjoying a busy few weeks of interviews, TV appearances and red carpets since leaving the Majorca villa.

But runner up Laura Anderson has managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Harley Street to have a "few tiny tweaks" to enhance her lovely looks.

The 29-year-old Scot had a number of cosmetic procedures including cheek fillers, lips pumped and liquid rhinoplasty.

The Consultant Clinic shared before and after photos of her on their social media pages, and even asked followers to guess what work she's had done.

On the day of her treatment, the clinic posted a photo on their Instagram page.

They wrote: "Look who came in to see us today in Harley Street? Now @lauraanderson1x is kinda incredible looking to begin with.

"We know that, and so for all the nay-sayers that think we're going to change the Laura we know and love - that's never going to happen.

"Beautiful as she is, we all have little things about ourselves we wouldn't mind giving a little tweak to ... Or a little polish.

"@lauraanderson1x actually came to us before she was on Love Island , and our schedules never seemed to match, and we were always booked up when she was working.
"Today, our stars have finally collided with this sweet girl, and here she is, with our team, ready to receive some of the CC magic.

"We're world famous for the natural and undetectable look, and Laura will of course be receiving the exact same little sprinkle of "je ne sais quoi", that we're known and loved for."