Man Finally Has Cotton Bud Removed From His Ear TEN YEARS After It Got Stuck Inside


Stomach churning footage shows the moment an ear bud is removed after being left in someone’s ear for 10 years.

The video, which was taken at the Hear Clinic in Oadby, Leicestershire, shows forceps making their way through the ear to retrieve the cotton bud.

Hairs and grissle can be seen throughout the ear as the foreign object is removed.

Neel Raithatha, who’s nicknamed “the wax whisperer”, completed the procedure in a matter of seconds.

He said: “The client reported muffled hearing in the left ear.

“They informed me that they previously got a cotton bud stuck inside their ear canal 10 years ago but believe it had fallen out by itself.

“However, more recently, they have been experiencing earache and pressure in the ear.

“The cotton bud was deep in the external auditory canal.

“Using crocodile forceps, I gently prised it away.

“Fortunately, the eardrum was healthy and intact.”

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