Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Meghan Markle’s Uncle Says He’s Still Hurt He Wasn’t Invited To Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle’s uncle says he is still hurt that he wasn’t invited to his niece’s wedding to Prince Harry in May.

Ex-US diplomat Michael Markle has insisted he would have been happy to walk Meghan down the aisle after her father pulled out at the last minute.

The 78-year-old, from Palm Bay, Florida has also admitted his surprise at not being invited to the royal wedding, saying he has done a lot for her over the years.

Michael, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, told the Sunday Mirror his worsening health would not have stopped him from making the trip over to Windsor on May 19.

He said: ‘Sure, I could have, if it was co-ordinated. Yes, I would have done it.’

Thomas Markle, Meghan’s 74-year-old father, was due to walk his daughter down the aisle earlier this year but pulled out following criticism he faced for staging a set of photos, citing health reasons.

Meghan instead chose Prince Charles to be by her side – with only her mother, Doria, receiving an invite to her big day at St George’s Chapel.

Michael suggested the Royal Family may have played a role and told Meghan not to invite any of her father’s family.

He said: ‘I thought I would. But anyhow, I didn’t hear from her. And I don’t know how much the Royal Family had influence on her or not. They didn’t accept anyone else so they couldn’t make an exception for me.’

Michael, who lives in a retirement trailer park, said he had ‘done more’ for Meghan than anyone else – which included using his diplomatic contacts to land her an internship at the American embassy in Argentina when she was 20.

Before the wedding he said: ‘I don’t understand why she has been so ­indifferent towards me. It’s uncalled for. I helped her out and I didn’t ask for anything in return.’