Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Meghan Targeted By Trolls Who Say Her Feets Are 'Ugly' & Should Never Wear Sandals Again

Meghan Markle is known for being a huge fan of fancy footwear, and she's always wearing gorgeous heels when out and about on royal duties.

But despite reportedly owning a £20,000 shoe collection, people have been looking at her feet for a very different reason.

The Duchess of Sussex has been targeted by trolls on social medial who are mocking her feet, calling them 'spidery' and 'ugly'.

Many people have shared old photos of Prince Harry's new wife on Twitter with nasty comments.
One user even called for her to never wear sandals again.

Bizarrely, it's not the first time Meghan's feet have made the news this year but last time it was because of her shoes.

Royal fans spotted she always seems to wear shoes which are too big for her .

Obviously she's a member of the royal family, so she probably didn't just grab a bigger size because they were the last ones left on the sale sale, so it's more likely she's using a clever fashion trick popular with celebrities.