Saturday, August 11, 2018

Men Can’t Stand Successful Women – Olorisupergal

Popular Nigerian blogger, Tosin Ajibade who is usually referred to as Olorisupergal has also confirmed what many still doubt and why many successful ladies are not in a relationship. Olori says, at appoint she had to lower herself for love but it still didn’t change anything until the relationship pack up! Phew… hear her;

“When a young lady is successful, it sometimes frightens men. I have had some experiences. There are several times men have told me that they cannot date me because I am richer than them. In one of my experiences with a man, I had to lower my standard to the point that I always had to drive down from Victoria Island to Isolo and back just to be with him. At a point, I even left my car in his house for his use and was hopping in taxis just to show that I was committed to the relationship. At the end of the day, it did not change anything. “Currently, I am not in a relationship but if I have to be in one, I would like to be with a man that is very supportive; a person that can help me lift some burdens off my shoulder. I do not know it all but I am learning from my mistakes,” she said.