Friday, August 17, 2018

My Husband 's Organ Is BIG But USELESS, Divorce Seeking Wife Tells Court

A Zimbabwean woman, Sinqobile Sibanda, 25, has told a divorce court that her husband has a “big but useless organ”, hence he fails to fulfil her sexual desires.

Sibanda, who dragged her husband before the court over sexual abuse revealed that her husband, Thando Sengwayo, 29, becomes physically abusive every time they have a dispute.

Lupane Magistrate’s Court came to a standstill after a bitter wife Sinqobile Sibanda exposed her abusive husband Thando Sengwayo  ‘big but useless organ’.

Sibanda alleges that her husband becomes abusive every-time they have a dispute.

Appearing before the court, Sibanda said that more trouble surfaced when she was supposed to get her conjugal rights.

“Your worship, this man has sexually abused me for a long time. He has a big penis where one would assume it works to expectations but akulalutho (it’s useless). He is lazy and does one round and a short one for that matter then he sleeps,” complained Sibanda

In response, Sengwayo admitted to abusing his wife.

“I have been an abusive man but I blame that on my job which is strenuous and physically demanding. I promise this court that I will refrain from being abusive and try to be a good husband,” he said.

In a bid to improve the sour relationship, Sibanda engaged Sengwayo’s aunt but the effort was fruitless.

Magistrate Ndumo Masuku ordered Sengwayo not to physically and se_xually abuse his wife granting Sibanda a protection order.