Saturday, August 11, 2018

Photos: Con Women Disguised As Hitchhikers Detained In Lahore

Two alleged con women were taken into custody along with their accomplices last night in Lahore.

The two suspected motorists arrested from Lahore’s Peco Road were caught red handed by residents in the area who reportedly used to rob people disguised as hitchhikers, said a citizen named Qaiser in his statement to Liaqatabad police.

Furthermore he added that the suspects used to malign and terrorize those who did not comply to their demands. Police said they are interrogating the suspects. And they won’t let the world see their faces as they hide behind their palms.


  1. They must be punished for their crime

  2. They no sabi the work wey them dey do before, why dey come they shame

  3. They must be punished, shameless things