Friday, August 17, 2018

Photos: Is This Waitress Serving Drinks Nak*d Or Got Clothes On?

When customers at Lee's Landing Docking Bar in Maryland popped in for a cheeky afternoon drink, they were just expecting a nice relaxing afternoon and a few laughs with their pals.

But when they arrived they were greeted by something a big odd - a naked waitress.

Instead of clothes, Shannon was serving up pints of larger wearing just body paint.

One of her first customers didn't seem to notice, simply thanking Shannon for her drink and carrying on the conservation.

But unsurprisingly people started to clock what was happening, and it wasn't long before she was the centre of attention - and some of her customers' reactions were just hilarious.

Shannon's unusual look was the work of artist Jen Seidel , who is known as Jen the Body Painter , and her apprentice daughter Kennedy.

One man whispered to his friend: "That girl's not got any clothes on."

Another joked to her: "It's pretty hot out."

When quizzed by a table full of women she admitted her outfit was painted on, and they could be seen laughing.